Guess Who?

11 Posted by - May 16, 2013 - Calculations, Maths, Number System, Other Maths, Shape, Space & Measure

Using just a ‘Guess Who’ board, you can create a fun and engaging game which could be used for almost any area of maths!

Played in the same way as Guess Who, the pairs of children take it in turns to ask maths related questions, in order to narrow down the winning answer.

Laura F suggested

“You could also use shapes. Children asking about properties of 2D and 3D shapes”

Estelle E said

“It would work brilliantly with equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages”

If you don’t have one already, supermarkets usually sell cheaper versions of popular games or I’m positive you could pick one up from your local charity shops or car boot.
Be careful if you head out to buy a brand spanking new Guess Who as Hasbro have recently re-invented the game – the way it’s built will not give you the ability to use the game with your own cards etc, it’s also quite expensive!

Thanks to Class Grenadine for sharing this brilliant idea! Although the page is in French, your browser should offer the ability to translate the page for you.

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