Reward Cards

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Behaviour management and rewards can often be the thing we spent the most amount of our own time (and often own money too) sourcing and creating.

How about these as a fantastic year round reward scheme? Use a cheap business card printing service such as Vista Print, to create behaviour and reward incentives…

You could create tick cards – so children have to do something so many times, then trade the card in for a prize.

You could use them almost like praise postcards with a message saying “You were caught doing something amazing today” then just write on the back what it was for – great to take home to parents.

Claire T said

“I had some made which say ‘I learnt about/how to …..ask me about it…’ cards made. Plenary points at home”

Please note: I cannot be held responsible if you get carried away on Vista Print :)

Thank you to The Nest Effect for sharing this brilliant idea!

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