The Walk of Fame

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Something to consider for the new school year?

Line up on the ‘Walk of Fame’ – could be used for assembly line up, choosing groups and partners and to take attendance too. Each star has the child’s name on it and a photo. So when it comes to lining up, they are already in an assigned order (no fuss over who goes where).
For partners you could number or alphabetise each star so ‘P’ go and find ‘F.
For groups, you could add colours or symbols to the stars to remind them what groups they are in.

I personally would get a roll of clear sticky back plastic to cover it with once it is complete.

Thanks to Mrs Moore’s Class Webpage for the photo inspiration – make sure you have a look at her page, she has lots of great display ideas for a movie theme, perhaps linking to ‘Lights, Camera, Action’?

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